New Globe Art Factory (NGAF) is a production and distribution entity founded in 2011 by Sonja Prinz and Chrisphine Omondi.

The headquarters is based in Berlin/ Germany, with distributed studios in Berlin,  Nairobi and Eldoret/Kenya.

It is set up under the principles of producing art, entertaining, innovative and educative materials. NGAF majors in;

·    Literature Publishing (Books, Magazines, Newsletters and other publication specific to clientele)
·    Music production (Audio and Video)
·    Film Production
·    Events Video Coverage
·    Public Address Setup

Further afield NGAF has a modeling and casting department/Agency that produces fine actors for films and models for advertising for corporate and other commercial entities.

NGAF produces global genres of music, mainly;
·    Afro-fusion music
·    Hip-hop
·    Reggae/Dancehall
·    Jazz
·    Soul

Other Productions;
·    Local music production (by country)
·    Commercials

The Team

NGAF  works with talented recording, TV, film producers and composers who produce a rich blend of unique Afro-Euro music, and other conventional genre of Hip-hop and Reggae.
The company is privileged to work with some the renowned agencies, record labels and recording companies. The team has worked with top artists and carries the potential to make the company reach greater heights.