Otieno auf safari kubwa

„Otieno auf Safari kubwa“

Elijohn Kariuki, Christina Gierth, Regina Hofmann, Sonja Prinz
In cooperation with Tembo e.V.


It tells the true story of Otieno from Kenya, madly in love with Malaika, he promises her to go to Europe and make her rich.
The road to Europe leads through Sudan, where he works with his uncle until he has enough money to continue the journey. With a tug it goes on camels across the desert. With a too small boat they dare the crossing, persecuted by the pirate police of front shreck, he finally stranded in Italy.
The Italians give him, now a refugee from Sudan, 3 months visa on condition: to leave  Italy …. Otieno rips across Europe and comes finally to Germany to work. If only it were that easy ……


The story is told in German, enriched with dialogues and songs in Swahili, Luo and English.