Inkululeko, der lange Weg von Nontsiki

„Inkululeko, der lange Weg von Nontsiki“

Mwenda Meyer, Vido Jelashe, Christina Gierth and Sonja Prinz

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Inkululeko, the story of a 10 year-old girl named Nontsiki. Due to her skin color she grows in the Township “Soweto” . Her father is often for months in the mines and works in very bad conditions. Her mother is usually the whole week on the plantation and so Nontsiki draws on not only her siblings, but also takes care of the grandmother. She goes to school and does the washing of the neighbors, so as to have a little bit more money for the family’s survival. Nontsikis life is torn by apartheid. When one night, again the police scared by completely groundless controls the entire neighborhood, Nonsiki and her friends decides to change something. Her long road to freedom begins and is even today, 20 years after the official end of apartheid, not ended.

The story is told in German, enriched with songs and dialogues in English, Xhosa, Zulu and Tswana.