Elizabeth Abena Asamoah

Work or play?

To be a child in Ghana – how is that? The speaker tells about her childhood: When they began to help in the kitchen and why? How to bring water from the river or from wells? Why children who are born in Ghana are carried on the mothers back and not driven in a stroller? Early on, children must give their parents to hand, especially children take over much of the work of their parents. to look after younger siblings is one of the most important tasks – for the children not only play together, but look after each other. By co-Mach-actions, the children learn to know the daily life of their age companions in Ghana.

Suitable for children from 5 to 12 years

Where does our chocolate come from?

Ghana is one of the major cocoa producers in the world. The workshop shows how the cocoa production characterizes the life of a family. experience workday / plantation, effects of the world market and gain insight why and how fair trade a realistic perspective may be for Ghanaian family farms. The children learn about the working and living conditions of cocoa farmers and realize how much hard work by assisting children lies in their chocolate. They realize that education is essential for a better future, but for many children no matter of course.

Lecture, media, film and games

suitable for children and youth from 10 to 16 years