Gordon Odametey

Gordon grew up in the village “Beje Wo Ahumi” in the Odametey family, known for their outstanding drummers and dancers. Influenced by his grandfather, a famous herbalist, he discovered early on the healing power of certain spoken words and special drum rhythms, especially the “Heartbeat – rhythms”.

In Ghana and neighboring countries, he was very early as an outstanding drummer famous and popular. He first taught African compatriots, and later Europeans in a drum school outside Accra and now he has his own students in Berlin and elsewhere.

Since 1985 Gordon Odametey lives in Germany. He plays with different groups – including “No Fears”, “Bibiba”, “The World Music Orchestra”, “SeneGambiGha” and “Ade Bantu” – and with other drummers like Mustapha Tettey Addy and Aja Addy. With the band “Ogidi Gidi”, which he founded in 1987, he played as the opening act for “Black Uhuru” and “The Wailers” and entered with them on the television.

He regularly accompanies dancers musically by developing pieces for the dance and plays. He composed percussion rhythms for different musicians. Finally, he put his skills in numerous solo concerts in Berlin, Basel, Vienna, Paris, New Orleans, Hongkong etc.

Gordon Odametey has its own individual style. Based on its tradition and because of its long experience in a variety of styles, he creates his own music. This moves the tension between traditional African rhythms and the latest music styles throughout the world. He has great skill and originality!