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“A long time ago, as all countries were one, there was a rainbow between Africa and Europe, where the people were running up and down  to visit each other. But one day people started wars and the rainbow faded, only the children were able to see him and very rarely a child ran this rainbow along … .. “

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by the Global New Generation,

Reggae Musical CD
Listen to it: “Papiere, Papiere”, Audio Trailer

cd vorne


Long ago when all the countries were one and there was a rainbow connecting Africa and Europe. People regularly marched on the rainbow to visit each other.

One day a little girl named Fatou traveling from Mali slipped from the red color of the rainbow. Within the red color was a magical forest and in the middle of the forest was a village. the arrival of Fatou brought a bit of chaos to the village life. The Zombies tried to feed on her because she had no papers. The Elders of the village would sat and discuss the outcome for Fatou to stay or leave. As the Hip-Hop girls and Gang-stars compete and dance. Fatou and the King lion feld deeply in love.

This story is narrated in German and other dialogs and songs in French, English, Wolof,and Suninke.



“Miss Wagadou 2009″

written by Sonjah Prince and Djeynaba Kamara

by the Global New Generation,

Audiotrailer click here

Based on history of the Ghana empire, also known as Wagadou. Koumbi the capitol city existed ca 800AD (after Christ).

These territories included the current countries of Mauritanian, Mali, Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast.

The people were called “Mandinka” and was lead by the king, “Kaya Maghan”, Lord of War, or “Ghana” which means Lord of gold in the Mandinka language

Ghana had a pact with a giant snake-god, “Biida”. Biida supplied the people with all the gold they wanted.

As long as they would provide a pure virgin given as an annual ritual. After a long period their land became very rich.

One year Siia the fiancee of Mamedy won the competition and he became angry to share his future wife with the pact concerning the snake Biida. He wanted to eliminate both the pact and snake.

The decline of Wagadou the Madinka disbursted and were infiltrated into other tribal nations. Soninkes, Bambara, Soussos, Diola, Diakhake and more…

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written by Sonjah Prince and Lipaya Wangodi

by the Global New Generation,

Congo Conference Audio Trailer

is the story of the “Afrika-conference” in 1885 in Berlin, wich divided Africa in colonies, till today countries all over the world have to face post colonies problems as a result of this conference. The children present a little village, conquered by the soldats of the cruel belgium king Leopold 2.

The story is told in french, german and lingala (Congo)


„Moussa AlBig in GDR“

written by Sonjah Prince, Mona Faal, Zafanias Macambo

by the Global New Generation,

Listen to it:


Moussa and Albig, two guys from Mozambique, come for an apprenticeship in the GDR.

There, Moussa falls in love with the Pioneers girl Jaqueline, – but suddenly after a year, the Wall fell and the boys have to go back to Mozambique. What remains Jaqueline and she is pregnant ……

This is a true story, the story of Thomas. Through this project we could locate his father in Mozambique.

The story is told in German, with dialogues and songs in Portuguese and Changana.


„Otieno auf Safari kubwa“

Elijohn Kariuki, Christina Gierth, Regina Hofmann, Sonja Prinz
In cooperation with Tembo e.V

and by the Global New Generation


It tells the true story of Otieno from Kenya, madly in love with Malaika, he promises her to go to Europe and make her rich.
The road to Europe leads through Sudan, where he works with his uncle until he has enough money to continue the journey. With a tug it goes on camels across the desert. With a too small boat they dare the crossing, persecuted by the pirate police of front shreck, he finally stranded in Italy.
The Italians give him, now a refugee from Sudan, 3 months visa on condition: to leave  Italy …. Otieno rips across Europe and comes finally to Germany to work. If only it were that easy ……


The story is told in German, enriched with dialogues and songs in Swahili, Luo and English.


„Inkululeko, der lange Weg von Nontsiki“

Mwenda Meyer, Vido Jelashe, Christina Gierth and Sonja Prinz

and by the Global New Generation

Listen to it:


Inkululeko, the story of a 10 year-old girl named Nontsiki. Due to her skin color she grows in the Township “Soweto” . Her father is often for months in the mines and works in very bad conditions. Her mother is usually the whole week on the plantation and so Nontsiki draws on not only her siblings, but also takes care of the grandmother. She goes to school and does the washing of the neighbors, so as to have a little bit more money for the family’s survival. Nontsikis life is torn by apartheid. When one night, again the police scared by completely groundless controls the entire neighborhood, Nonsiki and her friends decides to change something. Her long road to freedom begins and is even today, 20 years after the official end of apartheid, not ended.

The story is told in German, enriched with songs and dialogues in English, Xhosa, Zulu and Tswana.


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