Lanciné Diaby

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 “La Jumelle” (98 min)

Awa was more fortunate than his twin Adama. She consults the Mousso God to help her. Since that day, luck turns. Her sisters boyfriend is killed in a car accident and she is forced to marry his brother as this is tradition. Out of the forced marriage a girl Nina is born . Awa is separated from her brother and fights against her fate alone.. Adama meets and marries a beautiful woman. For her to avoid

circumcision, Awa kills her daughter and tries to commit suicide. She met thereafter by an old lady who will help her. Together they are fighting against forced marriage and female genital mutilation. They will win this battle, not for themselves alone, but for all the girls on the continent. Gradually, the time blurs Awa’s pain, and her taste for life come back . She feels again fraternal sentiments although they remain distant from one another.