Mano River and the Mano River Band

Mano River is a singer from Sierra Leone, author of a 4 albums, Mano River is a man with a mission beyond his music skills. He is involved in Social innovations and development of youth and African continent. He is a hard worker and very talented, in his shows and bring his audiences to African feel. Combining  his music and Africa progress and awerness. As a Child Mano River was influenced by traditional songs and Sierra leone music performed by many artists, on traditional West African instruments focusing particularly on the Fulani people. He got motivation to play guitar and to write his own songs. In 1999 he came to Germany where he continued with his musical career. The root of Mano River rhythms comes fromes his Fula roots of West Africa. In all his music Mano focuses on peace, unity, education and development. Mano River played with different musicians and groups before he started his own musical group Mano River Multi Cultural Band (MRMCB) in Germany and all around Europe. He released his first album with the tittle Tollimon on the year 2004 – 2006- 2008-20010 he is working on his 5t album Justice in Guinea.

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