Marc Kofi Asamoah

Communication in Africa – Before and Now
People are social beings and yearn for connection and compassion, No one is an Island. Messages in Africa have always spread with incredible speed. It is extremely fascinating how quickly the messages were transmitted from one Village to another. Certain fundamentals of communication have to do with helping each other, protection, through music, dance, support etc. It has been practiced from village to village.
The speaker Mark Kofi Asamoah has a simple method to elucidate the students: In the form of images, presentations, rhythm games, drums and dance. Following the workshop, he offers practical exercises for all participants: communication, concentration and coordination games. These are all contributors.
Suitable for children and teenagers alike.


Most people knowledge about Africa is still poverty, death, disease, wars / conflicts, people live in bushes. The truth is most people Know Africa from Media in which mostly is miss represented.  The fact that Africa is rich in mineral resources such as gold, silver, diamonds, copper, coal, coltan, oil, rich in raw materials such as coffee, cocoa, cotton, sugar cane, hardwoods, and so many more . african people despite unlivable conditions they find themselves in, they are happy people who are warm hearted  and loving people.

People are able to learn about Africa and its children. The untold stories and beautiful stories of African people, see Africa differently inform yourself and children.

Suitable for children and young people aged 10 to 16 years and adults